An Excerpt from you were supposed to be a friend


you don’t see
me unless you want
heavy breathing,
name cried out in ecstasy,
ass to smack,
hair to pull,
kisses that only mean something

to me, my velvet throat encasing
cotton skin, me.
exposed. only for you

to examine touch pilfer pirate own
i am nothing but your conquest
a place you visit
when you want to feel

i am so much more
you claim friend but act
otherwise, grabbing inches
of me and leaving full

where i shatter
and cannot pick up what’s left.
you molded me to want
to please, drop to me knees
until you place me in other positions.

you like to push prod and beg.
but i am scared to lose
you so i comply. you know
this and when you finish
you hug me and leave a secret
about you i already know

from you were supposed to be a friend

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