Cemetery Music cover

Cemetery Music by Birdy Odell

Cemetery Music
by Birdy Odell

Publication Date: 10 December 2019
Nightingale & Sparrow Press

Genre: Mixed Media



In Cemetery Music, the conflicting feelings we have around death and dying are explored in a collection of vignettes created by pairing found words, that are markedly melancholy, with artwork that is lighthearted, hopeful, and poignant.

The poems themselves invoke an emotional response using very few words. There is sadness in death. It is a universal reaction.  Using words that have been discarded highlights our fear of loss. Memories are often all we have left.  Happy memories are still tinged with sorrow. And yet, somehow, we carry on.

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Birdy Odell is a Canadian artist and writer whose work highlights themes of death, loss, and the difficulties of childhood. Her work has appeared in various literary magazines and has been described as “haunting, melancholy and nostalgic.” She prefers books to people and is currently at work on a new collection.


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